YogaPolicy was planned and designed using top insurers to meet your specific needs and characteristics. We’ve taken out the guesswork and know that you’re getting the right coverage at a very competitive price.YogaPolicy is accessible 24/7. Use YogaPolicy to answer questions, pay online with Visa or MasterCard, and check out using our secure payment gateway. Your Policy is automatically generated, and a certificate is available for immediate download. Your insurance is in effect from the date and time you set.Yes! In fact, we encourage you to read and understand our policies. We strongly recommend that you review the wordings, as they define what is or is not covered by your policy. You will find a copy of our policy on our Insurance Wordings pages.Policies purchased prior to noon March 13, 2024 Pacfic Daylight Time are underwritten by Everest Insurance of Canada.
Policies purchased after noon March 13, 2024 Pacfic Daylight Time are underwritten by AXA Insurace.
Once you have completed a purchase, the policy will be immediately available for download as a PDF. A certificate is also emailed to the address provided during checkout. If the email from YogaPolicy is not in your email Inbox, please check your junk mail folder. If you are still unable to locate the email, please contact us.

If you would like to change or cancel your YogaPolicy, please submit the form found on our Order Change request page. YogaPolicy retains service fees, a minimum retained premium, and may add premium depending on your changes.

No, anyone can pay for your policy using YogaPolicy. The Payer must ensure that the billing address and contact information entered on the payment page matches the information on file with their credit card company, or the transaction may be declined.No. Each policy must declare a single Named Insured which must be either one individual or a legally incorporated business that has an 'LTD' or 'INC.' in its name.See the policy configuration page for details.Exclusions are those circumstances under which the policy does not cover. For a full list of your policy exclusions and conditions, please review the page YogaPolicy Policy Wordings. If the Exclusions are unclear, please Contact Us so that we may clarify the information for you.The deductible is the amount that you, the Insured, will owe if there is a loss, theft or damage that is covered by the policy. The Insurance Company covers the rest of the Replacement Cost Value up to the policy limit. All YogaPolicy claims are subject to a deductible, payable by the Insured.The deductible applies to each separate incident of loss or damage.In the event of a loss or damage please open a claim

as soon as possible with the details of the loss (date, time, location and property lost or damaged). If the loss involved a crime, contact the local police first and provide us with the police report number. We will file your claim with the insurance company, and it will be assigned to a professional insurance adjuster who will contact you.